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man removing thorn from lions paw


Free yourself from the single biggest obstacle standing between you and the life you most desire!

Release: Thorn Removal

Discover and release your biggest obstacle in your customized 90 minute “Thorn Removal Session”.  Dave immediately creates a field of trust, vulnerability acceptance and accountability that frees you to truly “see” what’s been holding you back and let go of it long enough to experience the unimaginable freedom that you’ve always longed for. The Thorn Removal Process begins with a free discovery call to determine whether you and Dave are a “good match,” and if so, to reach agreement on the criteria for success for your money back guarantee.

Step 1.

Includes Thorn Removal and follow up Life Realignment Session. We become so identified and attached to having a 'thorn in our paw' that we may try to step on another as soon as one is removed!  In the Relief follow up session, Dave acclimates you to the relief that accompanies “Life After Thorns", and helps you smoothly and powerfully transition to this new world of power and possibilities.

*Includes 4-6 sessions. Click 'Book Now' to purchase your first hour, or buy the package.

Relief: Life Realignment

Step 2.

Once you learn to romp and roar with “four good paws”, all sorts of opportunities and synchronicities will begin to appear in your life. This package includes four 60 minute zoom sessions to relaunch your life, career and relationships.

*Includes 3-4 sessions. Click 'Book Now' to purchase your first hour, or buy the package.

Relaunch: Your 'New' Life

Step 3.

Don’t struggle alone anymore. Spend 60 minutes with Dave Gold, a sympathetic life coach who specializes in helping lawyers navigate their personal and professional challenges. Book a session today and start prioritizing your well-being.

*Can be used as first hour session for all above packages, or ongoing support.

60-Minute Coaching Session

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