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Dave helped me understand that I am good with all of my flaws as a human being and a parent, and  that they don’t make me any less of a perfect parent for my child.   Then I can take that love for myself and show my children that they can love themselves.

Rachel J.

Dave has this way of taking all judgment out of the conversation, creating space for you to explore yourself in the most open and freeing manner.  He speaks from the heart because he speaks from love. All he wants is for you to find the same love for yourself that he and others see in you.

Liz M.

It’s very easy for him to foster a connection with men and with dads, especially.  He has this way of connecting that is non-judgmental. He comes across as the guy who has walked through the fire and can walk next to you and step on the less hot coals.  Dave is the safest place you can land.

Angie S.

We never would have gotten through that difficult period with flying colors without Dave Gold.  What differentiates him from other business consultants we’ve worked with  he listens with his heart and about who you are as a person.

Danny P.

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