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Your Best Days Are Just

Minutes Away


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Are you ready to see how satisfying life - and even the law - can be once you're free?

"Dave Gold has the unique gift of

pulling thorns out of lion’s paws”

There is one core trauma, trait or limiting belief that keeps you from enjoying your success as a lawyer.

Tom Dalonzo Baker
Founder of Total Motion Release

Meet Dave,

Your Lawyer-to-Lawyer Life Coach

Dave Gold with honey

I’ve distilled 45 years of success in law, business and spirituality into a 90 minute process that frees you from the limiting beliefs and self-sabotage that are keeping you from living the life you most hunger for.


If you’re weary of endless talk therapy, self-help fads, and self-improvement projects, let’s invest a few 'billable hours' together so you yourself can experience a freedom beyond your imaginings.

"Dave cut through decades of clutter in my mind and my life and went directly to my soul.  I am happy and a lawyer, which seemed impossible."

-- Micheal Edwards, attorney, Palm Beach Florida

Attorney, Author, Entrepreneur, 
Transformational Mentor

Are you ready to uncover and release what's been holding you back all these years?

How to Work with Dave

Discover and release your biggest obstacle in your customized 90 minute “Thorn Removal Session”.


Dave immediately creates a unique field of trust, vulnerability, acceptance and accountability. This frees you to truly “see" what's been holding you back, allowing you to let go of it long enough to experience the unimaginable ease and freedom that you’ve always longed for.


The Thorn Removal Process begins with a free Strategy Call to determine whether you and Dave are a “good match" for the program.

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Step 1: Release

After Thorn Removal, you’ll have the opportunity to follow up with Dave's Life Realignment Sessions.


We become identified with and attached to having a 'thorn in our paw' that we may try to step on another as soon as the big one is removed!


In these sessions, Dave acclimates you to the relief that comes with “Life After Thorns", and helps you smoothly and powerfully transition to this new world of ease, power and possibilities.

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Step 2: Relief

The final step includes an ongoing relationship with Dave.

Once you separate from the herd mentality of 'unhappy lawyering', all sorts of opportunities and synchronicities will begin to materialize in your life.


Once you are ready to take this third step of completion, you and Dave will partner in discovering and actualizing what a Life without Limitations looks like for you.

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Step 3: Relaunch

"After working with Dave we started looking at my energy, and it really wasn't coming from a good place. I could feel it changing and once it did, other things just started to click and fall into place."

Melissa C.

"Dave and his unique ability to reach you at your core allows you to unlock endless opportunities both in your personal and business life. He partners with you to help you figure out what YOU really want in life and how to get it."

Leigh S.

"My stress levels around work and family have gone down dramatically and I find myself enjoying my days significantly more while business has only increased. I have opened myself to new opportunities and am only looking forward to a far brighter future."

Ryan M.

One Lawyer's Journey to Peace & Happiness

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